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2 - Tarara Coffee - 500g - Premium Ethiopian Arabica (Ground)

2 - Tarara Coffee - 500g - Premium Ethiopian Arabica (Ground)

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Discover the essence of Ethiopian coffee with Tarara Coffee. Each bean embodies the rich heritage of Ethiopia's coffee culture, offering a complex and balanced aromatic profile for an unparalleled taste experience. Revel in the distinctive aroma and lively acidity that enrich every cup, making it more than just coffee, but a true experience.

  • Handpicked Quality: Sun-dried beans preserving natural aromas.
  • 100% Pure Arabica
  • Artisanal Roasting: Low-temperature roasting enhances flavor subtleties.
  • Fresh and Flavorful: Freshly roasted and brewed for the best of Ethiopia in your cup.
  • Ode to Ethiopian Coffee Culture: Enjoy the richness, smooth acidity, and unforgettable aroma.
  • Medium Dark Roast
  • Size: 500g



  • Authentic Ethiopian Experience: Carefully selected beans showcasing Ethiopia's rich coffee heritage.
  • Exclusive Origin: Directly sourced from Ethiopia's finest farms for a unique taste of the region's distinct terroir.
  • High Altitude, Refined Taste: Mountain-grown beans blending floral notes with invigorating acidity.
  • Pure Arabica & Superior Craftsmanship: 100% Arabica, celebrating traditional Ethiopian artisan methods.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: Ethical practices ensuring fair compensation to farmers and support for local communities.

Experience the unique blend of tradition and quality with every sip of Tarara Coffee – your gateway to the heart of Ethiopian coffee excellence.

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